Renewing the Christian Contemplative Tradition

Contemplative prayer, as it deepens,
will affect our intuition of the oneness
of the human family, and indeed,
the oneness of all creation.

...As we consent to the movement of the Spirit 
in our inmost being
we connect at the deepest level
with every member of the human race
and indeed the whole of creation.

...This mystery of oneness
enables us to develop a refined inward eye,
and invites us to perceive the mystery
of the Divine everywhere
and in everything.

...That which is hidden from our senses and intellect
becomes more and more transparent
as our consciousness is being transformed.

We participate in a more genuine life
the fullness of life in the Divine.

cf. Thomas Keating, The Heart of the World;

Contemplative Outreach News, Winter 1997

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One of Johan du Toit's pictures taken at LaVerna 2012

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