Getting Started



If you are attracted to the contemplative dimension of Christian teachings and practices and don’t know where to begin, you may find these suggestions useful. Pray for guidance, discernment and wisdom, that you may be clearly guided and drawn by God's will for you.

Contemplative Outreach

  • To learn the method of Centering Prayer, you may:


  • (1) Take an Introduction to the Centering Prayer Workshop or
  • Find and attend a local Centering Prayer support group (see below) to support your daily practice and your growing relationship with God and others along the way.
  • Practice Centering Prayer for a minimum of 20 minutes, twice each day, with the intention of deepening your relationship with God.
  • There are four free Centering Prayer Online contemplative communities for those interested in learning Centering Prayer and for those already practicing it.  Learn More...

Centering Prayer Groups  |  Retreats/Enrichment Programs  |   Workshops

Centering Prayer Groups

Retreats/Enrichment Programs

Eastern Cape

Contact person:  Wendy Sweetman

P. 046-636 1684 a/h

C. 083 313 5954


Free State


Contact person:  Jose Chittilapilly

C. 083 406 9706



Contact person:  Brian Aldworth

C. 083 392 6104



Contact person:  Hilary Tyghe

P. 011-7866224

C. 0718837922


Kwazulu Natal

Contact person:  Richard Hawkins

P. 033 3421029

C. 083 295 7474




Contact person:  Wendy Maree

P. 012 993 3525

C. 082 339 9969



Western Cape

Contact person:  Janie Potgieter

C. 082 955 4224


Retreats /
Enrichment Programs


Western Cape:

1-7 October             Centering Prayer / Lectio Divina

                                                                     Immersion Retreat

26 November         Morning of Enrichment



22 October              Prayer of Forgiveness Retreat Morning

16-20 November   Silent Retreat



29 October              Day of Renewal



                                  Workshop, Bryanston, date to be confirmed

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